What is the advantage of Tri’s institution introducer?
What makes a financial brokerage choose a company rather than another company? What makes a financial company to focus on recommending one of multiple foreign exchange providers? Both of the two questions have been considered by Tri. The superior comprehensive ability + many unique advantages+ attach great importance to the customers of the introducers, rather than the customers of Tri only, which is the fundamental reason for Tri to suggest that the institution introducer should choose us.
Professional multi-language service support team
Professional butler service has been Tri’s most proud of advantage. Our staffs are the financial professionals from around the world with over 3-year experience, rather than employ the part-time or university graduates to assume the customer service. Our customer service staff can answer questions between A ~ Z. Therefore, there’s no need for the institution introducer to worry about the loss of your customers due to the service issues of the dealers.
Punctual payment of introducer commission
The cash flow has been the most important for a company. Tri is also well aware of this, we have always punctually paid the introducer commission in accordance with the provisions of agreement, but we are afraid that your commission is delayed for some reason, which has never occurred since the opening day of Tri, and this won’t occur in the future.
Customized personalized service
Another most proud advantage of Tri is to provide personalized professional services, rather than be in accordance with the traditional process of institution introduces customers- customer transactions- getting salaries, without any other value added. In fact, precisely because of this traditional mode that results in the institution introducer has a less tendency to have daily communication with us. For those introducers that have been suffered from business development bottleneck, we have all kinds of support to allow you to quickly return to the right track.
Outstanding institution introducer office available throughout 7 * 24 hours
For introducers, a visually effective introducer office can allow you to learn about your current operations and financial condition in a minute. Through the layout of the global server group, Tri allows the introducers at any place around the world to log in the introducer office at any time and in any place, but there will be no display of weekend maintenance or function improvements.
Criteria of unified global commission rebate
Tri will not give higher commission rebates to some institution introducers that have developed more customers due to the immediate interests, and given the newly joined institution introducers lower commission rebates, Tri will not have different attitudes to the institution introducers because of different countries. Therefore, there will be no situation that some companies suppress other introducers from developing customers through their commission rebate advantage. Similarly, regardless of the business volume of the current introducers, we will do our best to be completely fair to serve all introducers and their customers.
Low threshold without stress
To become an official introducer of Tri, you only need to introduce two valid customers +the deposit volume of 2 valid customers reaches $7000 + each customer has a trading volume of $200, and your commission rebate will also be calculated prior to your becoming of an official introducer. After becoming the official introducer, we do not have any monthly, quarterly and other requirements of trading volume, newly added deposit amount, we will also never refuse to rebate or cancel the relations between certain customers and introducers due to them have no newly added customers. Moreover, we will not allow the customers of introducers to directly open accounts again through us without the consent of the introducers.
We are a highly disciplined dealer, we firmly believe that only the company with high level of integrity can have the ability of sustainable development in the financial sector, but also to live up to the trust and become the owner of our introducers.