Variety of Bonus Activities
Trading Account Type
Large Deposit Bonus
 Suitable for experience investor
Suitable for high equity investor
Single deposit 1000 Bonus 20%
  Convert balance next month
September Bonus Activity
Suitable  for Primary  trader
All  investor participate once
Single deposit 100 Bonus70
3months trading volume1400
0 Risk experience VIP
Suitable for all stage investor
Every investor participate once
After verification get Bonus 30
Without deposit to VIP account
Valuation by number
Active Trading Bonus
All customer default participate
Every fulfil trading volume 1000
Every 1000 volume is 1 Bonus
Add in your balance after apply
Trading volume/Day
Refer Friend Bonus
Recommendation grant you Bonus
Share release Tri on Social platform
Post Introduce Tri on financial BBS
Reply to a post and LIKE get Bonus
Landing Page Bonus
Good website create link to Tri
Who browse your web click Tri
Browse 2 Pages of Tri you get 1
Available maximum 50 per day