Junior trader
Digital options and turbo option have an expiration price and the trading price determines the level of profit or loss
in accordance with the rules, but still different in many aspects. Digital options the expiration time are fixed, such as
15 minutes options expiration time is 00,15,30,45,00 like every quarter of an hour, rather than traders trading time
to decide expires time. Digital option therefore suitable as a primary analytical tool according to 15 minutes K-line
investors. But when investors missed the deadline for investment and for five minutes after the price trend quite
sure,   the turbo options allow investors to set up options in the remaining few minutes, that the turbo options for
5minutes after trading refers to options transactions five minutes expires, at same way the two minutes option  on
behalf of will expire in two minutes after the transaction.
The level of risk  of binary options trading is totally dependent by investors and his invest amount. Regardless how
much change of price magnitude in the future, the customer losses the amount of investment, therefore, investors
should be based on their ability to withstand the risk of the development of a single investment amount they can
accept for themselves. Commonly used methods are fixed investment Rule and multiple investment Rules. Regardless of the Rules, however, invest more than 50% of single account balance are all high-risk investment, because you may be an occasional error in judgment, it has led to continued participation in the following transaction  that you cannot grasp the bigger deal.
The fixed investment rule is that each investment is a fixed amount investment rule. Such investors will not grasp
the psychological interpretation of the views of the investment, and will entirely on the probability of profitable
investment in each is the same basis. The biggest advantage of Fixed investment is will not be profitable to invest
a small amount of the transaction and the loss of a large amount of investment transactions into the psychological
cycle. The disadvantage of fixed investment rule is unable to establish a higher profit in the short term, also easy to
let investors bet after a loss will still not set your own fixed day or week when a psychological maximum stop price,
resulting in frequent without establishing full continuous trading after trading strategies.
Trading Rules is a multiple based on prices for the same product doubling investment trading strategies.
For example, a major investor to invest in a support position above the $ 20 price is forecast to rise, but the price
fell down when very close to important support position, he will be undertaken as a 1.5 or 2 times the investment,
which is $30  or $ 40, if the major support positions judgment is correct, the investors may have two investment
profit. if not optimistic the first investment losses of $ 20 and the second tranche of the investment will still be
profitable overall profit . This investment is the biggest advantage is that when the support resistance good position
to judge when a large increase in the probability of investment profits, but if errors of judgment, especially multiple
doubling investor would bear a very big.
Primary traders are only learn to control risk can lead to long-term profitability results in trading binary options ,
and once investors cannot control their own risk, will make their transactions in a very dangerous situation,
because binary options will not results a commodity in a narrow range and not increase in a loss. If a trader in
the loss position not to stop their trading conversely continues to increase their number and amount of transactions
is very dangerous behavior. Mature binary options trader will have a day of the week or the month the amount of
stop-loss line. Once in the loss of this amount, the investor will cease trading immediately to adjust their trading
strategies and attitude adjustment. At the same binary options trading is not suitable for one day for a long time,
because the decline in energy will lead to trading success rate.
Although many goods can be traded 24 hours a day, but the prime time daily trading 06:00 GMT to 16:00 at night.
And we should choose a fluctuation of commodity trading should not choose a product almost no fluctuation. When there is no commodity volatility, many of your trading strategy will not work, such as fluctuations in the euro against the dollar in 15 minutes in a point range, so the price change decision may depend entirely on the last decimal point, so that the randomness and chance will be very large. However, in the active trading session, maturity price and
trading price will have a significant bias, as long as you can accurately predict of the direction.
For stock trading and foreign exchange investors, most people will choose to look at K-line graph, but the location
where the current price in the binary options trading is very important, K-line graph for the ups and downs are the
most intuitive, but how big or small change of price is not much affect binary option trade profit. so a lot of
short-period option traders will look after both the K line ups and downs determine the intensity of the time line
graph will look, because a line graph for the commodity cycle prices belong high or low more intuitive. Of course,
for a long period options traders can also choose to look at K-line graph to predict the future price and establish
options trading.
Stocks, futures, forex cannot be traded during the weekend, but as a new type of financial derivatives binary options, because it is built on a controllable risk, therefore, especially for policy analysis investors, instead of a business day of work, a fixed time(weekend) invest  binary options trading is more suitable, investors can preliminary analysis of
the trend of commodity for next week  at the weekend without any interference. And also build binary options over
the weekend, as long as the analysis accuracy, will get huge potential benefits and does not take business days.