How to get the bonus
Money does not come for free: the Bonus money will require your labour to be obtained.  Please see below the requirements for obtaining the Bonus:
1. You are required to provide us with a Proof of ID and the Bank Card used to make the deposit. Once your documents are verified you will be granted the Bonus.
2. Once the Bonus has been credited to your VIP account, you will be required to reach a trading volume of €600 in order to be able to withdraw profits from your account, there are no time limits in reaching the trading volume.
3. The Bonus is not available for withdrawal; however the resulting trading profit will be eligible for withdrawal. In order for the profit to be available for withdrawal, it must be above €30. The maximum profit available for withdrawal is €100.
4.In order to safeguard the company and prevent a person applying for a Bonus multiple times, we require clients that meet the above requirements to provide our support team via email at or via live chat and Skype chat with a photo showing their ID card close to their face for verification purposes.
5.When the Bonus is transferred to your trading account, your trading account should have €220 trading volume with a minimum deposit of €50.