What is Turbo?

 • Turbo Option is much alike “Digital Option”, in fact, the Turbo Option is a variant of it. You have to predict if the asset rate is going to be higher or
lower than the market rate for the expiration time but the Digital Option has some significant differences.
• Expiration time of the option
The key difference of the Turbo Option is that it has an extremely short expiration time – 1, 2 or 5 minutes since the current time. Digital Option has
a fixed expiration time: that can be the end of the day, the end of the hour or every 15 minutes since the beginning of the hour (00, 15, 30 or 45
minutes) where as the expiration period for the Turbo Option is measured since the bargain beginning, i.e. if it’s 1:02 p.m. now the nearest Digital
Option expiration time is 1:15 and the nearest Turbo Option expiry can be at 1:03, 1:04 or 1:07. That’s why there is no notion like the deal closing
for this expiration time.
• Payout
The Turbo Option payout is usually lower than for the Digital Option: for most of Turbo Options it usually makes 176%.
• Best practice advice
It’s more advantageous to use Digital Option as the profit for it is higher. However, there are some market situations when Turbo Options are
advisable, e.g. when an active movement arises in the market and you’d like to make some money on it till this movement stops. Or when a sudden
short movement occurs during some important economic news publication. Please, note that only some assets are available for this option trade.
You can find the detailed information in the Asset list
• The Turbo Option of our platform is specially optimized for working with several assets simultaneously in fast-changing market conditions when
every moment counts.